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INTEGRASYS innovating by providing monthly plans in SaaS models

As the vision at INTEGRASYS is to make satellite mainstream, INTEGRASYS has given enable anyone to use its powerful link budget tool on a SaaS model with small monthly membership for Beam Budget.

Beam Budget is the best link budget calculation, a cloud-based tool available anywhere, anytime, by any user, for designing, selling, buying capacity and networks, easily, rapidly, and efficiently. It pays itself from month 1 by reducing OPEX and winning new opportunities and revenue. The Beam Budget interface allows to obtain 1000s of LB results with just a few inputs, by AI and automation; so, the tool can accurately calculate in seconds millions of links which are mandatory to design the network.

The software company aligned with the latest customer demands and business trends has adopted the SaaS business model in order to provide its customers with more flexible options to adopt the tool, as the industry now is in transition. We continue to provide the CAPEX model which is also available for customers who want the permanent and complete Beam Budget license. INTEGRASYS’ disruptive technology is the only web-based link budget software available design for any type of knowledge, even for sales teams. It also includes the latest technologies such as Very High Throughput Satellites, Adaptive Coding Modulation, Flat Panel antennas, mobility, and much more.

INTEGRASYS continues to democratize satellite communications, by bridging barriers adapting its tools for people who do not have technical skills thanks to the ease of use and automation as well as new business models adoption.

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