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INTEGRASYS Link Budget Tool, Beam Budget new add-on Footprint Database

Integrasys has released a new service offered for Beam Budget users providing a new remote database that gathers all of the Satellite Footprints.

The innovative add-on SaaS is now available for all the Beam Budget customers, as an additional service. In order to provide an exceptional customer experience, the company has developed this complete database, which includes: The satellite footprints and their frequency range with the specific frequency range defined by the operator. High precision in the gain of each beam, not only working with discrete 2dB contours between each band, but we also interpolate the gain to the exact locations, thus allowing intermediate values ​​and increasing the precision of the calculations. The revolutionary link budget tool developed by Integrasys, is the pioneer in integrating this smart solution whose goal is to automate the network design and provide the customer with useful resources to accomplish the network architecture succeed seamlessly.

Link Budget tool developed by Integrasys

Beam Budget, our Cloud-Based system smart tool is the most accurate link budget calculation solution available in the market, with a user-friendly interface

that enables to be used not only by technical profiles but also by Sales Teams to manage capacity pricing and simplifying the network design for better sales & customer understanding with graphical reports. Beam Budget only requires a one-time fee for unlimited users and the Link Budget process takes less than 1 minute, minimizing time and effort, and maximizing ROI.

‘’Listening to our customers is a critical part of our job, we saw how difficult was for them to obtain accurate GXT from providers, so we have input satellites into the appropriate format, so they can utilize the system painless in a blink of an eye’’. Said Juan Martinez, Technical Director, Integrasys.

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