European Framework Programme R&D

Integrasys has participated for over 20 years in the Framework Programmes of the European Commission, in the area of Information Society Technologies working as Software Developer, Systems Integrator and Testbed Designer.


Participation in the FP programmes has fostered Integrasys Research & Development capabilities in the areas of wireless and satellite communication systems and software and services architectures.


HTSEmpower -The High Throughput Satellite Enabler Instrument

Horizon 2020


MUSIC, Self-adapting applications for mobile users in ubiquitous computing environments

MADAM, Mobility and Adaptation Enabling Middleware

SAILOR, Satellite Integrated UMTS Emulator

FUTURE, Functional UMTS Real Emulator

FAIN, Future Active IP Networks

BRAHMS, BRoadband Access for High speed Multimedia via Satellite

SODETEL, SOftware DEvelopment improvement for TELecommunication applications using component-based & quality assurance methodologies

ICARUS, Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search Operations

EMC2 Embedded Multicore Systems for Mixed Criticality Applications in Dynimic and Changeable Real Time Enviroments

DEWI Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastucture


CABSINET, Cellular Access to Broadband Services and Interactive Television

FRAMES, Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access Systems


E-MOSION, Elderly friendly mobility service for Indoor and Outdoor scenarios

LETIFLOW Activate Distributed Workflow System for elderly

ELDERHOB, Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme


TESTLIB, Use of Object Oriented Test Libraries for Generic Re-Use of Test Code in Type Approval Computer Controlled Test Systems